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Cosmetic Tattooing

Wake up Make Up! A Revolutionary Way of Enhancing Your Beauty!

Cosmetic tattooing, also known as semi-permanent makeup uses specialised pigments to implant the pigment into the skin to create long lasting makeup, instantly saving you time in the morning.


Cosmetic tattooing is different to body tattooing as it does not reach the deeper layers of the skin and a completely different type of pigment is used that is typically based on natural minerals.


 A cosmetic tattoo will fade over time. An annual top up is recommended to maintain the over all result.




Eyebrow Tattoo

  • Re-shapes and re-defines the eyebrow area
  • Reduction and camouflage of gaps from sparse hair in the brows
  • Thicker, darker more dramatic eye brow enhancement
  • Correction of eye brow inconsistencies
  • Perfect brows every morning, throw away your brow pencil


Eye Liner Tattoo

  • No eye liner smudges great for physically active people and people with oily skin
  • Assists vision and physically impaired people
  • Hassel free eye liner for contact lens wearers
  • Easily compliments daily make-up routine
  • Enhancement of pale or small eyes
  • Dramatic and more defined eyes
  • Minimal make-up required
  • Achieves a 24/7 subtle or dramatic effect
  • Perfect for people with make-up allergies


Lip Liner and Full Lip Tattoo 

  • Effectively defines pale or uneven lips
  • Creates symmetry to uneven lips
  • Lips look great 24/7, a touch of gloss and voila
  • Repairs patchy/uneven lip line border common with cold sore sufferers
  • Lipstick bleed can be minimized as lip colour is in the skin not on the surface
  • Great casual look without lipstick
  • Fuller more seductive lips


Areola Re-Pigmentation

  • Areola re-pigmentation is the final stage of breast reconstruction and is
  • also considered by those with areola colour loss
  • After the areola reconstruction is completed, the tattooing process may begin, normally 6-12 weeks post surgery


Corrective Camouflage

  • Corrective camouflage tattooing can bring a natural skin colour back to scars and burns
  • Extremely effective camouflage technique for hypo-pigmentation (loss of skin pigment)
  • Effective camouflage of hair transplant scars
  • Eyebrow scar minimization
  • Hide scars resulting from skin lesion removal
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