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Models Needed

Models are needed for students who are learning cosmetic tattooing. Remember the student is always accompanied by an Instructor.


If you are interested in becoming a model you MUST LIKE our Facebook page and join our Facebook Group, Cosmetic Tattoo Models by THink as all model requests are posted on Facebook. Once you are accepted for a model position $50 deposit is required to be paid up front. The remainder of the model fee is payable on the day of your appointment.


Remember a touch-up/perfection visit is recommended in 4-6 weeks time. Please see the price list for all procedures and touchup perfection visit charges.



Model Fees



Qualified Tattooist

Touch Up

Master Tattooist

Touch Up

Feather Stroke$150$250$350
Ombre Brows$150$300$450
Powder/Block Brow$150$250$350
Top & Bottom Eyeliner$100$200$300
Lip Line and Blend$100$200$300
Scalp Micropigmentation$100$250/hr$350/hr
Full Lips (Masterclass)$150$300$450
Designer Eyeliner (Masterclass)$150$300$450



Cancellation Policy

Please advise THink Aesthetics asap if you are unable to attend your appointment. If you are unable to attend your appointment, your deposit will be lost unless you can find a replacement. If you have a replacement please advise THink of the name of the person who will be attending in your place.