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Frequently Asked Questions



When did THink Aesthetics become an RTO?

15 June 2017

What courses does THink offer as an RTO?

There are two government-accredited courses offered:

Design & Provide Cosmetic Tattooing (SHBBSKS003)

Infection Prevention and Control course (HLTINF001)

What does it mean for me if I do a course?

THink is the first dedicated cosmetic tattoo RTO in Australia. Other providers offer Design & Provide Cosmetic Tattooing as part of a Beauty Therapy Diploma or through use of another organisation’s RTO accreditation. Your training will be delivered by an Australian government accredited training organisation that meets strict standards and has formal processes in place. Certificates for accredited course will be RTO-endorsed.

Are all your courses government accredited?

Our government-accredited courses are Design & Provide Cosmetic Tattooing (SHBBSKS003) and the pre-requisite Infection Prevention and Control course (HLTINF001). THink offers several other specialised and advanced courses for which there is no government accreditation available yet, however they are all run to a similarly high standard.

Will my certificates be RTO-endorsed? Will they have the RTO logo on them?

Yes the accredited courses will have the RTO logo and number on them. For the specialised courses we are not allowed to endorse them with the logo because there is no government-accredited equivalent. THink is considering submitting our specialised courses for national accreditation but this will be a lengthy process.

Will the cost of the courses go up?

No, for the time being THink is going to keep the costs the same.

I did the course a few months/years ago. Can I get my certificate re-issued with your RTO number and endorsement?

No, the regulations do not allow retrospective RTO endorsement. In addition, substantial additional content has been added to the Beginner’s Course to convert it to the Design and Provide Cosmetic Tattooing Course and incorporate improvements. Subject to completion of the new On-Line Training modules, THink will normally be able to go through a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process and issue an RTO-endorsed certificate.

I did my training at another school/college, can THink check my qualifications/training and then give me an RTO-endorsed certificate?

THink can evaluate your skills and qualifications and may be able to provide you with an RTO-endorsed certificate based on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). The level of effort and therefore cost for this is determined on a case-by-case basis.

If you successfully undertake recertification training with THink, which involves a customised short-course, as well as complete our new on-line training modules, then we can also issue an RTO-endorsed certificate.

What is your complaints and appeals policy?

THink believes that all students have a right to raise a concern or complaint and have it dealt with fairly, equitably and efficiently - in accordance with our complaints and appeals policy. To read our full policy, please visit the Student Information tab in the Training and Certification menu.